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Avp2 pc game download. Aliens vs. Predator 2 PC Game Download Full Version

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Avp2 pc game download.Aliens versus Predator 2

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Sounds a bit strange, right? If you know otherwise, write to us. Game review Downloads Screenshots Version: v 1. Shame about the skinning, hanging upside down and their propensity for collecting skulls, though. The next level then starts with a wonderfully gruesome view from inside your victim’s torso, which you gnaw and burst your way out of now in the second stage of Alien development: the Chestburster.

Avp2 pc game download. Download Aliens Versus Predator 2 (Windows)

Aliens Versus Predator 2 (aka 异形对铁血战士2, AvP 2) is a video game published in on Windows by Sierra On-Line, Inc., Fox Interactive, Inc. Aliens versus Predator 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Monolith Productions and published by Sierra On-Line for Microsoft.


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However, these weapons are perfectly sufficient to take on the human foes that the first couple of levels throw at you. How so? Because your primary strength as the Predator is your stealth – your cloaking device keeps you perfectly hidden from humans and synthetics, your vision device makes your foes stand out against the background and you have a zoom facility that lets you take out targets from a distance – the disc and shoulder cannon even home in automatically, making you a formidable foe.

But there’s a catch – after all, the game would get pretty dull if you were undefeatable. Actually, make that a few catches. The targeting cursor of your disc weapon and shoulder cannon can be seen by your enemies, giving them a good idea where you are.

And actually firing these two weapons deactivates your cloak, as does walking through water. Also, your weapons, your cloaking device and the medi-comp device you can use to heal yourself rely on energy – you can regenerate energy by just switching to a free-energy device called an Energy Sifter which will replenish your energy meter.

This device makes a hell of a noise when you use it though so any foes in the area are likely to cotton on to the fact you’re there. Additionally, when it comes to fighting Aliens, you’re not so hot – they can see you cloaked or uncloaked and whereas you can deal with a few humans up close, the Aliens are far better at close range combat than you are.

Combating Aliens usually involves backpedalling frantically while you’re blasting away at them with your shoulder cannon. The most suprising thing about the Alien campaign is that you don’t start the game fully-grown – instead you begin life as a Facehugger, as depicted in the movies.

With no defensive capabilities, you have to sneak your way around the corridors of the complex, climbing walls and skittering through vents till you find a lone victim to, er, hug faces with. The next level then starts with a wonderfully gruesome view from inside your victim’s torso, which you gnaw and burst your way out of now in the second stage of Alien development: the Chestburster. You’re quite vulnerable at this stage and can no longer crawl around walls and ceilings; again, you have to stealthily move around the complex until you find a place with fluffy animals to nourish on and grow into an Alien drone proper.

Only then do you get the ability to hack and slash your opponents to pieces, pounce at them or bite their heads off and feed on their bodies to restore your own energy. While you might think playing as a lone Alien would require huge amounts of stealth, this isn’t the case. Speed and cunning is more important – the latter is required to find alternate routes round the automated sentry guns that can cut you to pieces in seconds, while the former lets you get close to your opponents and take them out, especially with no long range weapons at your disposal.

A little disappointingly, enemies do tend to see you if even if you’re hanging from the ceiling in a dark corner – in single player, at least. Multiplayer is a different story, since human players actually have to remember to look up.

Unlike the previous game or the Aliens movie, Aliens vs Predator 2 doesn’t solely take place in the corridors of a deserted colony or an Alien hive. True, you do get to visit those locations, but you also get to wander around alien jungles as the Predator or through the corridors of the research complex and pods as all three species.

The level design is pretty damn good and convincing. In fact, the game has a lot in common with the Aliens comics, which often centre around the dodgy activities of those attempting to exploit the Alien as a bio-weapon. Such attempts usually end in tears and much tearing of flesh and Aliens vs Predator 2 is no different. All of this interspecies warfare looks superb, even on a modest Geforce2 MX; turn the detail levels lower, and the game will even run at a decent framerate on lower level PCs – we reached playable speeds on a PII But hey, when you’re desperately backpedalling away from a horde of Aliens, you likely won’t be admiring the texturing on the walls or your foes.

And believe me, you will be doing a fair bit of running in this game. Aliens vs Predator 2 has to be the scariest game I’ve played in ages – the programmers have gone out of their way to shock you at every opportunity. And when you’re not being shocked, there’s the almost unbearably enduring fear that something’s about to come around the corner and take your head off. The atmosphere in Aliens vs Predator 2 is so thick, you could cut it with a chainsaw.

Granted, most of the occurrences in the game are scripted and the enemy AI really does very little, but it adds tremendously to the atmosphere to be standing around a corner or crawling through a vent and hear characters nearby crying, “Oh god, oh god” when they catch sight of you. Or watch them fleeing when you release Facehugger specimens into the room – chaos has never been so enjoyable.

There is one area in which Aliens vs Predator 2 could be improved. That area is teamwork, or more specifically, the lack of it. While it’s appropriate for Predators who usually work alone , the other species are historically prone to fighting in numbers. At least with the Alien campaign, for story reasons you start out as the only one around, and indeed, it’s you who is responsible for setting the whole incident at the facility in motion.

But I’d at least expect the marines to back up their operatives. Instead, you only ever see your comrades at the start of the early missions, standing by a dropship while you wander off to take on the aliens single-handedly for no explainable reason. I wouldn’t expect them to survive all the way through the game, but they should at least come with you initially. Thankfully, Aliens vs Predator 2’s multiplayer mode does allow for teamwork so provided you end up in a team with people who actually feel like co-operating, you can take on your foes together.

Or you can blast the hell out of everyone else in the game since Aliens vs Predator 2 sports a wide variety of multiplayer modes playable over LAN or Internet. Included are the standard deathmatch and team DM; Hunt, in which one player becomes the hunter, the other the hunted; Survivor, which is similar to Hunt but that those killed also become hunters; Overrun, in which attacking and defending teams compete to either invade or survive holed up in a complex; and finally, Evac, where the defenders have to reach an Evac Point and the attackers have to stop them getting there.

And as with AVP1 , all three species are available in multiplayer, each with their superbly balanced advantages and disadvantages. One minor niggle worth mentioning is the inability to choose the order of weapons to auto-switch to, which more modern FPS’ allow. This means in a heated firefight you can end up running your mini-gun dry and then getting caught in your own rocket blast.

After a disappointing lapse with Blood 2 , Monolith appears to have more than redeemed itself with the excellent No One Lives Forever and now the hugely playable Aliens vs. Predator 2. It captures the atmosphere of the Aliens and Predator films perfectly, from the spot-on sound effects right through to the genuine feeling of actually being one of the starring species pretentious as that may sound.

The game’s only real flaw is the lack of any AI teamwork scenarios in the single-player campaign, but it remains markedly better than the first game, a title that was certainly no slouch. AvP2’s spookiness is so appealing and adds replay value in the same way that Half-Life was just too cool, you needed to do it all again. If you’re a fan of either of the Aliens or Predator movies, or if you’re simply looking for a great, scare-your-socks-off 3D shooter to keep you busy for ages, Aliens vs Predator 2 is an absolute must have.

Turn the lights down, get those headphones on, and if your heart rate doesn’t increase, you might need to check that you had a pulse to begin with. Screenshots from MobyGames.

Trent 0 point. Sentos 0 point. FairFelix 0 point. TheGreatKnight 0 point. First comment isn’t official Avp2 source. Those people take your ip and information and post it online for everyone to see. Boss Anderton is also a criminal who posts pictures of young women. This style of play works best in AvP2 Hunt mode, where a set number of Predators take on a higher ratio of marines.

However, once a Predator is taken down, he and his assailant swap places. And you can only score points as a Predator. Hunt is best played on the larger, erratically lit levels, and playing as a marine can become incredibly tense as you mistake friendly blips on your motion sensor for the enemy and start firing wildly into the night.

Contrary to popular belief, if you look carefully enough you can often spot a cloaked Predator fairly easily, but holding your nerve as you desperately try to take them down is a totally separate challenge. Playing as an outnumbered Predator is even more enjoyable, as you’re required to think tactically if you’re to survive, especially against some of the well-organised teams of marines I came across online.

DM and TDM games vary in quality, and rarely work as well when there are three sides marine, Alien and Predator , providing far more satisfaction when two races go at it.

Surprisingly, Aliens often appeared to have the edge over the other two, as well-organised groups of drones would literally scythe through the opposition, utilising their sheer speed and agility wallwalking is an invaluable skill to master , while their pounce attacks seem a little too powerful. Perhaps some further balancing is required to even things out. Survivor and Overrun games are rare, but often entertaining. The first is ultimately a lastman-standing competition, while the latter is a team based round-game not too dissimilar to Counter-Strike , where races must annihilate the opposition in order to score a point.

However, both seem to wane in interest fairly quickly not helped by the dearth of servers , and it struck me as surprising that the excellent Evac games marines must get to a dropship, aliens must stop them , rarely had more than one server running it at a time.

There are unfortunately two concerns which blight this otherwise entertaining online shooter. Firstly, lag. Even with an ADSL connection this proves troublesome and makes closeup combat virtually impossible for anyone still chugging away on a 56K modem.

The second problem lies with the small choice of maps, which are for the most part, fairly uninspiring. It’s unlikely AvP2 will challenge Counter-Strike as the king of online shooters, as its complex, tactical nature will put many casual gamers off. But there’s plenty of variety on offer, and you’ll soon find yourself carried away by the tension of it as you sneak up behind someone, and vindicate your playing style by ripping their head off with a well-placed wrist blade swipe.

There’s something out there, and it aint no man. I hear footsteps behind me, and heavy, laboured breathing. Sweat breaks out across my forehead and my lower lip quivers in panicked desperation. I wheel around in terror, shouting, “Die, you Alien bastard! A confused old woman with a wheely bag looks back at me and wets herself where she stands, while I throw myself at her feet and beg her not to rip out my spinal column.

I think something might be wrong with me. What’s more, I’ve recently acquired a strange phobia of curved black pipes, attacking them with the intensity of a rutting badger at every given opportunity, convinced they’re about to jump out at me and carve out my throat. And they are you know, mark my words. So I’ve been sealing myself into my room, welding the door shut every night with steel bolts. There I sit, rocking in the corner, iribbfing on my chest and flinching at the sound of the churnings of my own gastro fluids.

Something’s definitely not right. But given the circumstances, perhaps it’s hardly surprising. For five days before this all started, I’d been living a hermit’s existence, devoid of human company, encamped in a darkened room playing Monolith’s new FPS, AvP2. But this isn’t just your average FPS, ooooh no. It slowly reduces you to a tearful hunchback with clawed hands and a stammer, fearful of the world outside your front door and almost as much of the one inside it, because this is the single most terrifying game you’ll ever experience – so scary that it should be shipped with a packet of man-sized incontinence pads, and a listing of local psychotherapists.

It worms itself into your psyche, reducing you to a gibbering, drooling wreck who gets frightened by bemused barely vertical pensioners with trolleys. And therein lies its true beauty. AvP2 bases itself around one huge, convoluted and twist-ridden tale, in which a ‘group of marines is sent to a deep-space outpost to investigate a loss of communications but, inevitably, things turn out to be a great deal more complicated than that.

However, rather than offering just one perspective on a story, you’re given three, one for each of the races: human, Predator and Alien. And with each new viewpoint, comes a totally different game. What will strike you most once you’ve ground your fingernails down to a fine dust waiting for each campaign to load, is the sheer depth, attention to detail and thought that has gone into every single mission, into the different pace, atmosphere and feel of each species and the angle that the story is approached from.

And best of all, once you’ve played them all, these three massive segments merge to make a whole which will reveal the entirety of a conspiracy-fuelled plotline, and which will have you gripped from the first spilt drop of blood to the last epic confrontation. By far the best choice is to play the Marine missions first. Not that I’m trying to influence you or anything, but they’re the best ones. Just trust me on this one, ok? You’re all like, “Yes sir, I’d love to go in first, sir, and have my head ripped off, sir”.

You bloody little swot. Proper little Captain’s pet. The type of person who’d wash the CO’s arse if ordered to do so without complaint. With their tongue. You’ll get yours. And you do. All of about 15 seconds after the intro sequence. You’re instantly thrown into a set of missions which will chill you to the marrow and unstopper your rectal passage faster than a greased-up poker.

These include heroically charging into an Alien’s nest to nobly save a comrade, before conducting a not-so-noble hasty retreat. During numerous pursuits reminiscent of James Cameron’s stunning film Aliens , you’ll fire off every last bullet into hordes of enemies, cack-handedly missing with 90 per cent of them as the superbly coded AI makes your pack-like enemies leap at you from all angles.

If you shoot them on the floor, they’ll run across a wall. Shoot at the wall and they’ll be ripping at your skull from the ceiling. And just when you’ve got them in your sights you hear the soul-destroying click of your magazine running dry, choking in a pool of your own blood as you futilely try to reload.

The fear is so consuming that you have to train yourself to fire in short bursts, otherwise you’ll be left with just a pathetic knife and inevitable death.

However, rather than facing mission after countless mission of waves of Aliens charging mindlessly towards you, you’ll also find yourself up against a variety of other opponents. Such as Predators. Nice chaps, really. Shame about the skinning, hanging upside down and their propensity for collecting skulls, though. Namely yours. Then there’s face-huggers, chest-bursters and human guards yup, you get to shoot humans too , each of which require a totally different tactic to defeat.

Oh yes, and a few surprises which I won’t spoil for you. The marine has a devastating array of weaponry, including perfectly reproduced pulse rifles with a grenade launcher, which produces a rasping firing sound that mingles harmoniously with the rasps from your sphincter, as well as smart guns which home in on the enemy before cutting them up into a thousand acid-stained lumps, which will damage you if you get too intimate with them.

A flamethrower, rocket launcher and shotgun are amongst others in a well-thought-out collecbon. The pace is perfectly balanced, and in line with the better Alien and Predator films, fear is often built through that which you don’t see rather than that which you do. The distant screams of victims being shredded, brief glimpses of enemy shadows down the other side of corridors and authentic sound effects lifted straight out of the films are just the start of it.

The wind is eerily daunting, while your overly sensihve motion tracker will have you firing wildly at inanimate objects like loose pipes swinging in the breeze. The context-sensitive soundtrack seamlessly blends itself into each situation and some masterfully erratic lighting and steam effects complete the most psychologically scarring, heart-condition-inducing gaming experience of ail time. And, if at the end you somehow manage to pick your shattered carcass-like body off the floor, you’ll find there are two more totally different games to experience, and while they’re not quite up to the standard of the Marine missions, they’re a damn site more entertaining than the majority of stand-alone FPSs we’ve been forcably subjected to over the last few years since that game.

The Predator campaign is very different, with missions best described as Thiel with dismemberment. In true hunter style, you must track your prey mseen, before parting them from their skulls. With the ability to leap huge distances, you can lump from tree to tree like a deadlocked Tarzan and while this is somewhat fiddly at first, you’ll soon find yourself prancing about like a homicidal ballet dancer. The Predator’s weaponry and gadgetry is also pretty impressive stuff.

Weapons include a sniper gun, spear and wrist blades, not forgetting the shoulder-mounted laser. Your mask lets you view the world in several different ways, including thermal imaging which is perfect for night-time raids, and a zoom option which is ideal for pre-planning ambushes. It takes some practice, but certain weapons need different view modes to lock on targets, but this does make the action very true to the films. You also have to be careful, as weapons which lock on cause you to de-cloak before you can fire them.

The cloaking device helps you move unseen obviously , but drains your limited power supply quickly, while a medipack lets you inject mom energy into your green-blood-smattered body. In fact, most of these toys drain your power source, so it’s just as well you can regenerate, but you are left prone for a few seconds.

However, seeing as your healing powers are based on how much energy you have, it’s sometimes all too easy to just keep powering yourself up and boosting your healtti if you can find a secluded enough hiding place, although if you find yourself surrounded, there’s no avoiding a kicking.

If you’re spotted or heard by a patrolling guard, he’ll either voice his concern or actively start looking for you. But he won’t stop there. He’ll keep on searching until either he finds you, or until you pummel his skull into a carbon pulp. He’ll follow you through water and track you by the plants you inadvertently brush as you move. However, it’s a shame you don’t leave trails ot blood, as this really would have been the clincher, and guards are occasionally prone to standing around like mannequins until they’re triggered by your presence.

Now it may come as a surprise to you, but the Alien campaign is actually a bit of a laugh. Sounds a bit strange, right? Ripping open people’s ribs, causing the mass-slaughter of innocent security guards, ha ha ha. Yes well done, that sounds totally hilarious, Martin.

Rut just bear with me here. In a stroke of near-genius, you get to experience several angles of an Alien’s life, starting off as a face-hugger, moving on to being a chest-burster, then a fully fledged Alien.

And the execution is not only tense but, at times, incredibly amusing. Take the chest-burster mission, where you have to find and feed off small mammals to help you grow. Your only form of attack is an ineffectual ankle bite, which means sticking to the shadows, while you scavenge for food inside a complex guarded by hordes of paranoid security guards.

As your eyes are inside your mouth, it’s impossible not to break down in a child-like hysteria and giggle maniacally as you chase desperately retreating guards around the complex and watch your teeth snap shut while being baked by flame throwers. Again, the AI is generally superb when it comes to hunting you down. Hide between some obligatory crates and they’ll crouch down and find you.

Run away and lose them in the shadows and they’ll keep searching, muttering out loud that they should have put in for a transfer months ago.


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