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Adobe captivate 9 user manual free download. Adobe CAPTIVATE 2 Getting Started Manual

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Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond The Essentials – IconLogic

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And if working with an LMS is a requirement, we’ve got you covered there. Page 44 Select a location in which to store the Adobe Captivate project. Interactions, also referred to as Smart Learning Interactions, are powerful widgets that allow you to quickly insert interactive objects onto a slide.

Welcome to the Adobe Captivate User Guide


But what if you want multiple, conditional actions to occur? You’ll be introduced to Captivate’s Advanced Actions that will allow objects to perform multiple tricks for every learner click. Efficiency doesn’t reach much higher than this The size of the screen that learners use to access eLearning lessons can vary widely. Consider the size of a typical mobile phone compared to the various shapes and sizes of tablets, such as the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Who wants to do that? Additionally, who could possibly consider every screen size for every device? Even if you could build lessons for every screen size known today… what about the screen sizes for devices that have yet to be invented? If you’ve included a quiz in your eLearning lesson, it’s likely you’ll need to track the quiz results.

And if working with an LMS is a requirement, we’ve got you covered there. Kevin Siegel is the founder and president of IconLogic, Inc. Kevin spent five years in the U. Coast Guard as an award-winning photojournalist and has nearly three decades experience as a print publisher, technical writer, instructional designer, and eLearning developer. He is a certified technical trainer, a veteran classroom instructor, and a frequent speaker at trade shows and conventions.

Kevin holds multiple certifications and was named one of the top trainers in the world by Adobe Systems, Inc. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Adobe Captivate The Essentials. Adobe Captivate Beyond the Essentials. Adobe Captivate 9: The Essentials.

IconLogoc Home » Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond the Essentials. Adobe Captivate 9: Beyond the Essentials. The Recording window appears. In the Record specific window pop-up menu, select the application to record. Optional Select Record narration to record audio as you record the project. Page About Editing Projects About editing projects After recording a project, you have many options for enhancing the project so it is as informative and interesting for viewers as possible.

You can add text captions to point out important areas on a slide or use a highlight box instead. You can make projects interactive by including click boxes or text entry boxes.

For example, you can use text entry boxes to ask simple quiz questions. Page 18 Click the Options tab and set the following options: Display for Specify the timing of the text caption appearance. From the pop-up menu, select one of the following options. Page 19 On the Size and Position tab, enter numbers or use the arrows to set the dimensions and location of the text caption.

Tip: If you add a transparent text caption, avoid using bold text. Regular text appears clearer than bold text on most monitors. Adding highlight boxes Adobe Captivate lets you add highlight boxes to spotlight areas within a slide.

Page 20 If you want to add audio to the click box, click the Audio tab. Select from the following options: Click the Play button to play the audio file.

Page 21 Select the Click Box tab. This tab lets you determine how the project responds to user interaction. The options are divided into two basic categories: what happens when the user clicks inside the click box and what happens when the user clicks outside the click box. The following options are in the If the user clicks inside the click box area: On success Specify what should happen after a user clicks inside the box.

Page 22 The following option is in the Set shortcut key area: Select keys Click to select a key combination for users to press when submitting responses. The current shortcut is displayed to the left of the button. Page 23 If you want to add audio to the click box, click the Audio tab. Page 24 Adding text entry boxes Text entry boxes let you increase Adobe Captivate project interaction quickly and easily.

To add a text entry box: Open an Adobe Captivate project. Double-click the slide to which you want to add a text entry box. Page 25 After last attempt Specify what should happen after the last attempt. Page 26 Background color This is the color that will appear in the background of the text entry box. Select a color from the pop-up display. Note: The transparency effect does not appear when you view the text entry box in Edit view.

To test the transparency effect, press F4 to preview the slide. Page 27 If you want to keep score for the text entry box or coordinate the score with an LMS, click the Reporting tab. Objective ID This is an optional parameter.

If the text entry box question is related to an objective set in your LMS, enter the objective here. Page 28 Tip: Adobe Captivate contains a gallery that has buttons, sounds, and animations in SWF format for you to use in your projects. Page 29 In the left pane, click Software Simulation.

Select Record narration. Optional Click Options to set a wide variety of recording options, including the capability to automatically capture screenshots and automatically generate text captions. Page 30 About using the Adobe Captivate Timeline The Timeline lets you organize objects and precisely control the timing of objects on slides.

When you view the Timeline, you see a snapshot of a single slide and all of the objects on the slide. Page 31 To change slide timing: Open an Adobe Captivate project. Double-click a slide whose timing you want to change. If it is not open already, show the Timeline by clicking the splitter bar.

To expand the Timeline, click the display arrow. Page 32 If you have two objects that overlap on the slide, you need to select the object you want to appear in front by setting the stacking order. Page 33 Loading Screen This option displays a loading screen at the start of the project.

This course is intended for a strictly personal use, the file is of format pdf level Beginner , the size of this file is The site also offers courses in adobe photoshop, illustrator, gimp, Image editing and drawing, 3D computer graphics and many other tutorials.

You have to come and see our Graphics.


Adobe captivate 9 user manual free download


I need to publish an interactive Adobe Captivate video with closed captions to a web server and am not finding a good solution. This is an older server and not an LMS.

When I publish as. Do I create a folder and add all the files to it? What would the equivalent of an. The index file? I would publish it to HTML5. You would launch the course using a link to the Index.

The rest of the files support your project. Here is a video I did some time ago about publish for distribution on the web. I know you may be using a different web server but here is my process for uploading to an Amazon Web Server using their AWS S3 service. The specifics may be different, but the overarching principles should be the same. Just a short comment about your mixing up versions. The present version is Captivate 9 is much older. I will try to explain what you need to do and why.

A Captivate project published to MP4 has not much sense because, as you already figured out, you will lose all interactivity and more. When you publish to HTML5 you create sort of a rather complicated website. You need to upload the whole published folder which will be named as you specified in the Publish dialog box to the webserver. You can use whatever uploading tool you want, I am using Filezilla. Once it is uploaded you can launch the project like a website: using the index.

One warning, since you mentioned that it is an older webserver. It will need to support the JSON protocol. As for the browser to be used, any modern browser will do but avoid older versions of IE which are very limited for HTML5 support.

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